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In a small town in coastal North Carolina, waves are being pushed over seawalls. The sky is clear and the air calm, yet family photos drown in the basements, and saltwater soaks the roots of live oaks 6 blocks from the shore...

My name is Karl, I'm a self-funded PhD student at the University of Oxford, and I research how rural communities in the US southeast are responding to the slow disaster of sea-level rise. I'm launching a crowdfunding campaign to try and make this research a reality from beginning to end. As part of this month-long process, I'll be sending out weekly newsletters, packed with interesting insights and good-news stories from the world of climate change, as well as information about me, my research, and of course how to make a donation! 

The crowdfunding campaign is due to open on the 11th June and will run for 1 month, with the aim of raising £12,000 

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